Vink Rotating Cattlebrush

  • Rotating cylindrical brush driven by an electric motor in the axle
  • Elastically suspended from a truss in the barn (wall mount adaptor in design phase - call for update)
  • Cow activates unit by making contact with the brushes
  • Brush turns clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the direction from which the cow approaches the brush
  • Long-lasting nylon bristles
  • Cow can never be brushed too forcefully due to the elastic suspension and long brush hairs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Resistant against animals in heat and mounting each other
  • Adapts itself to the height of any cow
  • Motor will stop turning should something get caught in brushes

Every chain is provided with two springs. The longer, thinner spring makes the brush lighter so that it adapts easily to the height of any cow. The thicker spring catches the brush when dropped by the cow. Both springs are limited by the chain. In the electronics box, two sensors are responsible for the two turning directions of the brush. As soon as the brush is pushed out of the horizontal position or makes a sudden little movement, the brush begins to turn.

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